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Application and Latest Development Trend of Frontier PV Science

World-leading Polysilicon Manufacturing Technology

Polysilicon is produced by the Modified-Siemens Method. Compared with the traditional Siemens Method, the independently-developed GCL polysilicon manufacturing technology can make good use of trichlorosilane, reduce power consumption and pollution during the production process.

  • Fully closed-loop polysilicon recycling process
  • GCL Method - Unique and world-leading polysilicon
    manufacturing process
  • World-leading hydrochlorination system with the capacity of
    100,000MT per unit

G1-Wafer Technology

GCL Quasi-Mono wafer, with monocrystal structure, low oxygen content, low dislocation density, is produced from the ingot technology. Compared with the cells produced with traditionally casted multicrystalline wafer, the new ones have high conversion efficiency and are cost-effective.

  • Compared with ordinary monocrystalline wafers, G1-Wafers are
    larger in size, with an increase of 1.8 percent in the effective
    coverage area of the modules
  • The efficiency of the modules of packaged G1-Wafer cells is high,
    with an increase of 1% in Cell-to-Module Ratio
  • After stabilization, the modules made of G1-Wafer can generate
    more power with an LID 1% less than that made of
    the ordinary monocrystalline wafer

880Kg ingot furnace technology with proprietary intellectual property rights

Capable of producing both polysilicon ingots and GCL Quasi-Mono ingots, GCL-ASCS-880 establishes a brand-new technology standard for the growth of PV silicon wafers and provides a high-quality and low-cost technical solution to realise grid parity for the solar industry.

  • Realise the production of polysilicon ingot and GCL Quasi-Mono ingot
  • Advanced thermal field design, precise control in ingot growth and precise ability
    to control the solid-liquid interface
  • High capacity, with feedstock reaching 880 Kg per furnace, 45% higher than that of Gen5
  • Low energy consumption with power consumption 20% lower than that of Gen5
  • High quality of silicon ingots

Diamond wire slicing technology

GCL has brought in diamond wire slicing technology and made remarkable progress in lowering the costs of silicon wafers. It has been proved in experiments that diamond wire slicing technology has the following advantages when compared with the traditional slicing technology:

  • Efficient slicing - slicing efficiency is improved by 150% when compared with traditional slicing technology using free abrasive materials
  • Yield rate increased - precision of silicon wafer slicing is stabilised, and metamorphic layers are reduced during the production
  • Reduction in comprehensive costs - the comprehensive costs are reduced by 25% when compared with traditional processes
  • Energy saving and environmentally-friendly-The amount of waste wire saws and mortar produced during the process has been dramatically reduced as slicing mortar can be recycled and slicing powder is convenient for recycling

Advanced solar farm system

With abundant technical research and development in the PV system, engineering design capability and extensive experiences of project construction, GCL has undertaken and implemented a number of important, large and medium-sized solar farms.

  • Solutions to the layout of PV modules on two-way downhill terrains
  • Solutions to the electrical system of the solar farms in the plateau area

Overview of the Development Route of GCL Science and Technology

  • Development of the new polysilicon technology route
  • Research & development of core equipment and processes to ensure first-class
  • Developing new crystal silicon products and further improving the conversion efficiency of PV crystalline silicon wafer
  • Gain full access to solar system integration business