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GCL-Poly is China’s leading cogeneration operator. With strong growth of Chinese economy, our cogeneration business has experienced rapid development in the past decade. Currently we have 25 subsidiary and associated cogeneration plants, with aggregate installed capacity of 1150.5MW and extraction capacity of 2,239 tonnes per hour.

Different from cogeneration plants that mainly meet residential heat demand, our cogeneration plants are mostly located within various industrial parks in China’s developed areas, delivering steam to nearby industrial and commercial users.

Our cogeneration plants use various fuels. We have 2 gas-fired cogeneration plants, 14 coal-fired cogeneration plants and resources comprehensive utilization (RCU) cogeneration plants, which utilize coal sludge, gangues and sludge from sewage disposal, as well as 2 biomass cogeneration plants that are fuelled by crop straws.

Beside cogeneration, we also participate in solid waste incineration power generation and wind power generation, owning 1 incineration plant and 1 wind farm.

Being efficient, environmentally friendly, clean or renewable, all our power plants are promoted and encouraged, therefore enjoying higher on-grid tariff, higher utilization hours, higher dispatch priority, exclusive rights to sell steam within the heat zone of a cogeneration plant and preferential tax treatments.


國內-徐州20兆瓦PV Plant

位於江蘇省徐州市,占地近700畝,裝機容量20兆瓦,全資屬於保利協鑫能源控股有限公司,是我國裝機容量最大的太陽能發電站之一,也是國內最早正式入網的大型光伏發電項目。電站採用最佳固定傾角、雙軸向日跟蹤和單軸向日跟蹤等方式安裝光伏元件,並配有完善的電腦監控設施。年發電量約2200 萬度,每年可節約標煤約7,500 噸,可減排二氧化碳約20,000噸、SOX約150 噸、NOX約50 噸。

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