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Talent Philosophy

Zhu Gongshan, Chairman of GCL-Poly

Talents are the most valuable resources of GCL and the driving force that make GCL thriving and enduring. By creating a culture of “boundaryless” cooperation and establishing a fair mechanism for talents selection, we offer every employee opportunities to turn their aspirations into realities by making ambitious efforts!

In GCL-Poly, we take human capital as the most important resources and our people as the most important assets. We strive to establish a human resources management system that is standardized, orderly and fairly operated and incentive oriented, so as to put right people in right positions and to fully exert their potentials.

We place great emphasis on our people’s career development, and have built up human capital chain within the Company. We have organized various training programs, so as to improve skills and capabilities of our people. We enhance teamwork within our people through regular team-building activities, so as to build up teams that are intelligent, efficient, united and innovative.

We proactively hold a series of cultural and recreational activities, so as to facilitate harmonious environment and to enhance sense of belonging within our people.