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  • Islanding

    The state wherein the PV power station still supplies power for certain load in the public grid when disconnected from t ...

  • Intentional islanding

    Islanding which occurs in an intentional way according to the pre-set control strategy.

  • Unintentional islanding

    Islanding which occurs in an unintentional and uncontrolled way.

  • Anti-islanding

    Preventing occurrence of unintentional islanding.

  • Peak Sunshine Hours

    The equivalent number of hours when the total solar irradiance in a certain time period equals that of a continuous ligh ...

  • Annual Peak Sunshine Hours of PV Station

    The equivalent number of hours when the total annual solar irradiation received by the PV array surface is converted und ...

  • Direct Normal Irradiance(DNI)

    The amount of radiation received by a surface perpendicular to the rays

  • Capacity of Installation

    Sum of nominal power (in Wp) of PV modules installed in the PV power station.

  • Solar time

    A timing system based on solar hour angle. In solar time, the moment when the solar disk is at the local place’s upper ...

  • angle of incidence

    The angle formed by a ray incident on a surface and a perpendicular to the surface at the point of incidence.