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  • tapped connection

  • ring connection

    In ring connection, ring main unit is used to make ring connection with the bus of the PV power station via only two hig ...

  • tracking system

    A device used to adjust the space angle of the plane of photovoltaic module through the joint work of mechanical, electr ...

  • single-axis tracking system

    A tracking system that rotates around a one-dimensional axis and is also known as one-dimensional tracking system. Singl ...

  • dual-axis tracking system

    A tracking system that can rotate around a two-dimensional axis and is also known as two-dimensional tracking system.

  • collector line

    In the centralized grid-connected photovoltaic power system with dispersed inverters, the power transmission line which ...

  • Balance of System

    In the photovoltaic power system, the equipment and systems other than PV modules, including inverters, batteries, combi ...

  • Maximum system voltage

    The maximum withstand voltage of PV modules.

  • Point of common coupling(PCC)

    The coupling joint for more than one user in the grid.

  • Point of interconnection(POC)

    Also known as access point. It means the node of the transformer which is directly connected to the grid for PV power st ...