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  • AC component inverter

    Installed and equipped at every photovoltaic components, and consequently converts the output of all the components to A ...

  • Solar grade silicon

    It is a sort of high-purity silicon material with purity of more than 99.9999%.

  • PV power station

    A power generation system that converts solar radiation to electrical energy through the photovoltaic effect of solar ce ...

  • grid-off PV power station

    A PV power station that supplies power independently without connection to any public power grid. Uses of it can be foun ...

  • grid-connected PV power station

    A PV power station that is connected with public power grid directly or indirectly.

  • solar cell

    A device that directly converts solar radiation into electrical energy.

  • PV module

    Also known as solar cell module, is a unit wherein a number of electrically interconnected solar cells are encapsulated ...

  • photovoltaic modules string

    A circuit unit in a PV power system wherein certain photovoltaic modules are connected in series to produce DC voltage o ...

  • photovoltaic(PV)power unit

    In a PV power station, certain photovoltaic modules strings are combined together through a DC combiner-box, then go thr ...

  • PV array

    Photovoltaic modules mounted on a supporting bracket are linked first in series then in parallel to form an array consis ...